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[Strategy] Create & Build Your Online Business

Are you a coach, energy healer, course creator, or online business owner who knows that your business would dramatically change if you had your tech set up to support all of your big ideas?

If you had 2X a month access to a powerful tribe of visionary women ready to help you strategize, design and create incredible online platforms that will support and expand your online coaching business without the "bang your head against the wall" tech headache...

Would you finally embrace your vision and create an online business that shows your potential clients just how amazing you are

You bring your fire, and we'll help you create your framework. 

Those big ideas are burning inside of you, just waiting to come out. But, every time you sit in front of your computer, your brain turns to mush and you think, "Where do I even begin? I didn't start a business to build a website! No one told me it would be this hard!"

And yet, what happens if you don't? How much can your business really grow if your systems aren't automated, and you are spending most days trading time for money? 

After watching the coaches, energy healers, and course creators struggle with getting their technology in alignment, I hosted a workshop called Online Business Brilliance, and launched The Tech Tribe.

This unique tribe helps you build out your website, membership site, email autoresponder, and appointment scheduler, in a seamless flow. 

The Tech Tribe includes: 

✔ 2x Training + Strategy

✔ The What's in a Website Course

✔ The Map Out Your MemberVault Course

✔ The Email + Appointments Course

✔ And of course, A Facebook Support Group!

Plus...any updates I make to the courses are yours!


Heidi is a linchpin. When my business is in need of a major overhaul there is only one person I call, and Heidi transforms my intentions into real progress. I am amazed by her capacity to clearly see my goals and then create of them something I can roll out to the world. Her intelligence is astounding, work ethic relentless, her mission to help serve the world by serving others creates exponential influence which few can claim. If you are a Speaker, entrepreneur, mission driven leader, Heidi needs to be on your team. Not only will she passionately lead you to new heights, her ideas, savvy, and continued education to further her assistance will transform your ideas into tangible results for a very reasonable price. Can’t recommend her enough as both a professional and amazing person. 

Jason Hewlett

CSP, CPAE | Speaker Hall of Fame

6 Modules

Get Started with The Tech Tribe

Welcome! Let's get you started off on the right foot, shall we? This is an overview of the adventure that is The Tech Tribe. It will answer a lot of questions that will help you as you progress through the Program. 

The Start-Up Sequence

If I were to start from scratch, this is what I would do! I recommend going through this annually, so that you can evaluate your business and see what you need to add in. 

Set Up Your Business Entity

In this module, you will go through the steps of actually setting up your business entity. I'm not an attorney or accountant, and I do recommend that you explore whether you will need one based on the type of business you are setting up. If it is a coaching business, this should help you through the process.

The Simple Business System

I've used this type of system for about forever, and I've created a version for you to keep track of everything you accomplish in this program. You're welcome! This includes an overview training on how to use it. I'm actually excited to see what it looks like when this program is complete, if you choose to use it! 

Mistakes & Mindset Traps

There are mistakes and mindset traps at every level of income, and if you are prepared for that, you can really get focused on and uplevel when you are ready. The biggest thing is to be consistent in two things: Measure your results, and manage your emotions. 

The Tech Stack

Let's talk tech! In this training, I go over the different things you need to set up your online business. 

Modules for this training 6
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